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When does the conference starts exactly?

Written by Stephane Boucher

Some of you have noticed that although the website says that the conference will take place from May 17th to May 20th, some of the content is scheduled for May 14th.  Good observation!  Indeed, Jacob and I have made the decision to make available 'on-demand' all theatre talks and demos on Friday, May 14th, basically 3 days before the official start of the conference.  The main reason for this decision is to give attendees the opportunity to consume some of the talks in advance of the numerous live Q&As sessions that will take place on Monday the 17th (schedule to be published soon).

So here's how we think you should plan for the conference if your goal is to optimize your participation:

  1. Use the pre-conference weekend to watch, "on-demand", all the demos and theatre talks that you are curious about.
  2. Reserve your Monday, May the 17th, to attend the Live Q&A Sessions associated with the theatre talks & demos that you found of interest
  3. Attend the Live Workshops on Tuesday the 18th
  4. Make sure to reserve Wednesday and Thursday for the core technical talks of the conference, including the two keynotes and the Live Q&A sessions.