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Timing Synchronization in Software Defined Radios (SDR)

Qasim Chaudhari - Watch Now - Currently watching: 0

A Software Defined Radio (SDR) merges the two fields of digital communication and digital signal processing into an efficient implementation of transmitters and receivers. One outcome of this combination is an interesting perspective on how timing synchronization is performed in digital communication receivers. This session will explain the timing synchronization problem in both time and frequency domains and then discuss in detail a timing locked loop consisting of timing error detectors, loop filter, interpolation and interpolation control. Insights into the relation of timing synchronization with general receiver design will also be presented.
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Score: 0 | 3 days ago | no reply yet

That was an impressively effective presentation of quite a complex topic!

Score: 0 | 5 days ago | 1 reply

Thanks for the presentation. When will the slides be available?

Score: 0 | 5 days ago | no reply yet

Conference organizers will make them available soon.

Score: 0 | 5 days ago | 1 reply

Hi Mr. Chaudhari! Thank you very much for your meticulous talk on the underlying theory!
Is it okay to ask for a copy of the slides you used in the video?

Score: 0 | 5 days ago | no reply yet

Definitely. Conference organizers will soon make them available.

Score: 0 | 5 days ago | 1 reply

Thank you Qasim for the presentation. I'm an embedded DSP software engineer on an SDR system and this helps me understand better what our signal processing comm engineers are doing and keep up to date with the latest time synchronization algorithms. You covered a lot but I think it was the right amount and presented in a digestible way for this format. I'll have to check out your book and website.

Score: 0 | 5 days ago | no reply yet

Thanks for the appreciation. Glad you liked it : )

Score: 0 | 5 days ago | no reply yet

Very interesting. I'll have to go over all of this a second time because there's so much I didn't know! :P

Score: 0 | 5 days ago | 1 reply

Thanks, Qasim! Currently porting different SDRs to Xilinx's RFSoC.

Score: 0 | 5 days ago | no reply yet

Good to know that.