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Christopher Seidl

Christopher Seidl is a Senior Marketing Manager in Arm's Development Solutions Group. He is responsible for Keil MDK, Arm's leading development environment for Cortex-M based microprocessors. With over fifteen years' experience in the industry, he joined Arm in 2013 to promote MDK and CMSIS in the embedded and microcontroller industry.

How to get started with Arm Cortex-M55 software development

IoT and embedded developers can take advantage of an unprecedented uplift in energy-efficient machine learning and signal processing performance for next-generation voice, vision or vibration use cases with Arm's latest endpoint AI technologies; The Cortex-M55 processor, Arm's most AI-capable Cortex-M processor and the Ethos-U55, the industry's first micro neural microprocessor (microNPU) that's designed to work with Cortex-M processors.

These technologies can be developed in a unified software toolchain for the simplest and fastest development path for AI. Join this talk to be one the first to get started today to write optimized code for the exciting features these processors bring.

This talk will be a hands-on demo of the development flow available with Arm tools and will cover:

  • New architectural features of the Cortex-M55 processor
  • How to benchmark an application using Cycle Model
  • How to run the application on an FPGA prototyping board
  • How to optimize your code with Keil MDK debug features

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