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Colin O'Flynn

Colin O'Flynn has developed the world's first open-source platform (ChipWhisperer) for side-channel power analysis and glitching attacks, and has spoken around the world about the application of this platform to various targets. Previously he worked developing low-power wireless embedded systems and completed a PhD in embedded security. He lives in Halifax, NS, Canada where he's an Assistant Professor at Dalhousie University, run's a start-up (NewAE Technology Inc) and continues to write about embedded systems for Circuit Cellar magazine.

Hardware Hacking: Hands-On

Designers releasing embedded devices need to understand what sort of hardware attacks they will face in the field. We will discuss how two different types of advanced attacks work: side channel power analysis and fault injection. Not limited to theory, we will demonstrate how they are used in practice and work through real products the attacks have been used on. Low-cost tools and open-source material will be highlighted, so the attendee can learn more details & even perform these attacks themselves.

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Live Discussion - Hardware Hacking: Hands-On

This is your chance to chat with Colin O'Flynn about Hardware Hacking

Make sure to watch Colin's talk: https://www.embeddedonlineconference.com/session/Hardware_Hacking_Hands_On

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