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Dave Nadler

Dave Nadler has been developing commercial systems and software since 1973, from tiny embedded products to large distributed systems.

These days Dave mostly consults on embedded products. Current projects include developing test instruments used in semiconductor fabs, aircraft and jet engine manufacture, and other applications.

Lots of Dave's other consulting projects have been the 'please help us fix this' variety...

How to Get the Bugs Out of your Embedded Product

Available in 32 days, 20 hours and 8 minutes

What approaches really work for development and especially shaking out the bugs?
Test-driven development?
Code and design reviews?
Memory access checkers?
Scripted tests with coverage analysis?
Dumb Luck?

This is case study of a project to 'fix a small setup bug' in an existing product, which proved a wee bit larger than expected.

We'll review a bunch of actual bugs, techniques used, and statistics.

The approaches discussed could help you with your current project!

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