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Helen Leigh

Helen Leigh is a creative technologist who specializes in music technologies and experimental electronics. She is Head of Community at Crowd Supply, a crowdfunding platform for open, ethical hardware.

Leigh designs and makes musical instruments, from interactive art installations to mainstream commercial products. She is the author of "DIY Music Tech" and "The Crafty Kid’s Guide to DIY Electronics", as well as a regular column for Make Magazine.

Open Source Hardware

Available in 32 days, 0 hours and 47 minutes

This talk will explore what open source hardware actually means and how engineers, academics and scientists are using it to work together and share knowledge all over the world. We’ll take a whistlestop tour of the exciting world of open hardware, from DEFCON-inspired PCB badge culture to the instruction sets used in the chips that go on them. We’ll also learn about some inspiring open source hardware engineers, including Twitch streamers, successful independent product designers and the team on a mission to create a computer system that is open source all the way down to the lowest level possible -- the transistor.

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