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How To Build Your Network And Develop A Personal Brand That Will Land You Job Offers

Nader Mowlaee - Available in 6 days, 5 hours and 49 minutes (2021-05-14 07:00 EDT)

This Presentation Is For You, If:

  1. You apply to a lot of jobs, but you don't hear back a lot.
  2. You are networking, but you still don’t get more interviews.
  3. You have been to job interviews, but they don’t call you back.

You Are Going To Discover How To:

  1. Tap into the hidden job market and identify job openings that have not been advertised yet
  2. Evaluate your network gap and how to reduce your risk as a candidate in the hiring process
  3. Organize your network and set clear goals for developing a personal brand that builds trust
  4. Increase the chance of getting an interview through networking by asking for advice, not a job
  5. Initiate informational interviews and follow-up to speak with people who work inside companies
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