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Joulescope helps engineers easily optimize energy consumption and battery life.  The JS110 is our flagship test instrument to help measure current—from nanoamps to amps—while also measuring voltage, power, charge, and energy.  Visit the Joulescope website to learn more.

Battery life got you down? Use Joulescope!

Measuring energy consumption during product development is crucial, especially for battery-powered and always-on devices. Until recently, accurate measurement has been expensive, tedious, or error-prone.

Meet Joulescope, the most affordable and easy-to-use precision DC energy analyzer. In this session, Matt Liberty, the creator of Joulescope, demonstrates how to use this exciting, new USB-connected test instrument to measure the current, voltage, power, and energy of a target device. See how Joulescope makes it easy to iterate and improve battery life. Find out why so many engineers say Joulescope is now one of their favorite and most effective tools.

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Distributed PubSub for Microcontrollers

Do you waste time “plumbing” firmware to connect a new feature?  Worry about managing dependencies between modules?  Struggle to manage state when things go wrong?  

In this session, we discuss real-world software architecture, dependencies, and state.  We examine the publish-subscribe (PubSub) design pattern, what problems it solves, and what challenges it creates.  We discuss how to create a distributed, reliable PubSub implementation that can span multiple microcontrollers with state recovery on failure.  We explore one solution, Fitterbap, a new open-source C library with host Python bindings, which includes:

  • An efficient, distributed PubSub implementation with simple metadata that allows you to quickly add, remove, and modify firmware controls.
  • A small, high-reliability data link layer, suitable for local data streams including UART.
  • Multiplexed, fast, reliable data streams, such as for sample waveform data.
  • A UI (python + Qt + PySide) that runs on your host computer.  The UI automatically instantiates controls from the metadata and plots streaming data.

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