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Tuxera creates quality-assured embedded storage management software for world-leading companies. Helping people and businesses store and do more with their data, our software is at the core of phones, tablets, cars, TV sets, cameras, drones, external storage, routers, spacecraft, IoT devices, and much more. Tuxera's software stores your data reliably, while making file transfers fast and content easily accessible.

How to avoid end of life from NAND correctable errors

Flash media is fabulous for most use cases, but heavy reads can cause correctable errors. Linux flash file systems actually shorten the life of the media when dealing with these errors. How does this change with multiple bits per cell, including recent QLC NAND? What other sorts of media management can help get the most lifetime out of your flash media based device?

This talk will cover these sorts of problems and impacts in detail, from flash file systems to SSDs and other NAND flash-based media. While we can't speak to what the firmware in your devices are doing, we have an excellent knowledge of what they should be doing, and also detail the sorts of conversations a system designer should have with their flash media vendors.

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Tuxera Reliance Edge power-failsafe file system demo

This demonstration shows how power interruption causes failures in the FAT file system. Tuxera's Reliance family of file systems - including Reliance Edge and Reliance EdgeNAND - is incorruptible under the same conditions. Reliance Edge™ is a small-footprint IoT embedded file system designed to capture and preserve decision-quality data. A transactional file system, Reliance Edge protects critical system and user data from corruption, specifically for systems where power loss may occur. It works with a broad array of storage media including: eMMC, SD/MMC, NVRAM, USB mass storage, and SATA (or PATA) disks, and with a wide variety of real-time operating systems.

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