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Live Q&A - Distributed PubSub for Microcontrollers

Matt Liberty - Joulescope - Watch Now - Duration: 26:17

Live Q&A with Matt Liberty for the theatre talk titled Distributed PubSub for Microcontrollers
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Score: 0 | 7 months ago | 1 reply

Hands down to Matt.
Everything from the concept, the design, and implementation looks brilliant. In addition, the presentation has been top-notch, and Matt answers for the Q&A have not only been really spot on, but also have brought a lot of SW design trade-off talk which, as a computer engineer in the embedded arena myself, I have enjoyed a lot. It is impressive how people like Matt are able to achieve expertise not only in the HW/FW area but also in computer engineering.
Great job, Matt. I have enjoyed it tons. Much respect.

Score: 0 | 7 months ago | no reply

Hi Carles,

Great to hear that you enjoyed the talk and Q&A session, and thank you for the kind words. If you dive into things more and have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask them here or email me.

Best regards,
-- Matt

11:35:55	 From  Miro Samek : Who in this group has actually used pub-sub in their work?
11:36:14	 From  Keith J : Nope
11:36:26	 From  António Carvalho (Bosch) : I have
11:36:32	 From  javi : not yet at MCU level
11:36:38	 From  Anthony : I have, for robotics
11:36:43	 From  John Lowe : I Have
11:36:47	 From  Sai Y : ROS (Robotics Operating System) comes with a Pub/Sub architecture
11:36:53	 From  António Carvalho (Bosch) : made our own pubsub to make applications talk to each other in OpenWrt
11:37:40	 From  Carlos Amaya : I have with MQTT sending sensor info to AWS IOT
11:38:33	 From  Keith J : But why pubsub and not just RTOS messaging queues - how are queues a  problem that would make you want to do pubsub?
11:38:57	 From  Anthony : Pubsub allows you to have multiple subscribers, and can really make debugging easier.
11:39:32	 From  Michael Kafarowski : Raise hand appears when you click Reactions!
11:39:33	 From  Marinna Martini : If you are using zoom thru the browser the raise hand seems to be missing
11:39:52	 From  Yuriy Kozhynov : In MCU - not used yet, but on server side I used Vertx.io! Very useful to loosely coupling code!
11:40:13	 From  Iain Chalmers : Are there any good examples of metadata use beyond a simple descriptive text string?
11:41:00	 From  Marinna Martini : Ah - found it - thru the browser raise hand is in the list of participants.
11:41:06	 From  Tom.Davies : For those who haven't used pub/sub, and don't necessarily have a need yet - are there any examples available online using fitterbap with some hardware to run up and have play and a poke with to get a better idea of what's capable?
11:41:39	 From  Yuriy Kozhynov : Iain, JSON is a good way of such metadata.
11:42:42	 From  Keith J : Got it.  So essentially a scale reason
11:42:43	 From  Keith J : Thanks
11:43:03	 From  Carlos Amaya : great answer
11:43:09	 From  Nick Waters : So is pup-sub just an RTOS TASK that is acting as a traffic cop?
11:44:11	 From  Iain Chalmers : Yes sorry, sepcifically for your implementation. Capturing stuff like allowable range is exactly what I meant. Thanks!
11:45:54	 From  Miro Samek : Can you explain the real-time performance in view of failures and retransmissions
11:46:12	 From  Jeremy Overesch : How is data type consistency done between the publisher and subscriber?  What keeps one from interpreting data differently than the other?
11:47:01	 From  Nick Waters : So how would you prioritizie this pub/sub thread?
11:47:33	 From  raul : Does fitterbap depend on having a broker as part of the pub/sub middleware? If so, in a multiple MCUs pub/sub communication where would the broker be located?
11:50:13	 From  Miro Samek : Which thread is used to run the callbacks?
11:54:19	 From  JackW : Why use pub/sub instead of something like Remote Procedure Calls?
11:56:37	 From  Raul Pando : How much work would it be required to create fitterbap pub/sub communication over a mutidrop link like CAN as an example?
11:56:45	 From  Keith J : Thanks Matt
11:56:50	 From  Chris : Thank you - I learned a lot!
11:56:53	 From  Tom.Davies : Thank you
11:56:59	 From  Raul Pando : Cheer Matt
11:57:01	 From  Steve Wheeler : Thanks. Very informative.
11:57:02	 From  Carlos Amaya : Thank you Matt
11:57:07	 From  javi : thanks! really interesting talk
11:57:19	 From  JackW : Thanks!
11:57:23	 From  Erwin : Thanks a lot, very informative!
11:57:25	 From  Alexandre Beaulieu : Thanks Matt!